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If you want to make the most out of your hard earned money, you should start making smart and worthy investments such as Grupo EcoQuintas real estate in Costa Rica. Investing in Costa Rica real estate lets one enjoy nature and beautiful beaches which is why it is always an attractive investment opportunity for foreigners. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in Costa real estate and properties. Check out the Grupo EcoQuintas website to get started.


Some countries are not too friendly or accommodating to foreigners when it comes to buying real estate or property. In Costa Rica, buying land has been made easy and simple. The property is simply put under the ownership of a Costa Rican corporation and then transferring the ownership from the corporation to the buyer.


Property taxes are very low in Costa Rica. A piece of land amounting to $400,000.00 will only cost about $400 in yearly property taxes, although beachfront properties may yield higher property tax. 


Even though Costa Rica real estate prices have risen due to  its booming economy, there are still plenty of available land where you can purchase an acre land for $5,000.00 or even less. The value of the property will surely increase up to three times the original value as more real estate buyers are clamoring to invest in Costa Rica. Get more details at


Land can be easily subdivided in Costa Rica. There may be different laws in other provinces but generally it is easy to do so. Many investors make money through buying large pieces of land and eventually sells them piece by piece.


Costa Rica enjoys a very stable government. Costa Rica, unlike other Central American countries, believes in the mutual benefit stemming from business relationships with foreign investors. As long as a real estate property has been acquired lawfully, there will be no problems or difficulties.


Doing business in Costa Rica is fairly simple and straightforward. There are many organizations that can help a businessman or investor start making real estate investments in Costa Rica. With so many companies wanting to invest in Costa Rica, you should not miss the chance to become a legal property owner and resident.


Costa Rica has a lot to offer, and it is not only about financial gains or opportunities. People who have decided to invest and do business in Costa Rica not only become financially successful, they also enjoy a better quality of life.